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Community Center - Terms Of Use

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1. General Information

1.1. By joining the Community Center, you agree to the rules below. Ignorance of the rules does not absolve from responsibility.
1.2. Administratiion check the participants' messages for compliance with their rules after the publication.
1.3. Placement of any link is equal to a publication of the linked information.
1.4. Any original texts, materials, photographs, art and other documents that are voluntarily published by the user on this channel, become the property of the Administration and can be used by the Administration at their own discretion in promotions, advertising campaigns, and in creating design elements.

2. Contact with the administration

2.1. Representatives of the Administration are:

  • Project Team
  • Community Team

2.2. Administration can delete messages from players to maintain policies on the channel and to make the use of the Channel comfortable.
2.3. The player has the right to receive explanations about the sanctions applied to him by the Security Service Officer or the Administrative Office Officer, only through personal messages. You may contact with Community Managers. 

3. Recommendations for users

3.1. Before you write anything on the Community for the first time, carefully read these rules, the structure of the channel and its capabilities.
3.2. Leave your message only in sections that are relevant to the subject of your question.
3.3. Write competently, do not abuse game slang, try to describe your question/ answer/proposal as easy and clear as possible.
3.4. Try to be as polite as possible to other channel members. This will help to avoid misunderstandings, discomfort in communication and violation of the rules.

4. Forbidden Activity on the Community

4.1. Cross-posting — publication of the same message in different sections.
4.2. Flood, spam, off-topic — publication of messages in inappropriate sections.
4.3. Publishing messages with requests for help that are not relevant to the topic of this Channel. For example: raising funds for patients, collecting signatures, calling for participation in elections, voting for someone, etc.
(The Punishment for paragraph 4.1-5.3: warning or temporary blocking of sending messages to a specific/all sections for 3 days)
4.4. Use of profanity in any language in messages, as well as in placed images, audio or video recordings (including those that are veiled).
4.5. Disrespectful attitude, flame, provocation, insults to other forum participants and threats of any kind.
4.6. Trolling — messages of provocative nature, written to cause conflicts and disputes. Including any discussions on the topic of politics and religion.
(The Punishment for p.4.4-4.6: warning temporary blocking of sending messages in the entire channel for 30 days)
4.7. Discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, religion or other grounds. Nationalistic, racial slogans and statements, as well as nicknames, images, in honor of any political or religious personalities.
4.8. Propaganda of violence in any manifestation.
4.9. Messages, images, videos of erotic or pornographic nature.
4.10. Distribution of unverified or knowingly false information.
4.11. Public discussion of the actions of the Administration. Including the publication of personal correspondence with the Developer or Moderator.
4.12. Impersonation of the Administration or other people, incl. use of names containing words: GM, Administrator, Moderator, creating nicknames similar to the Administration nicknames and active channel members.
4.13. Publication of content that violates the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights.
4.14. Advertising in any of its manifestations without special permission from the administration of the channel.
4.15. Unreasonable negative statements about the SKYSTATION.RED or our games.
4.16. Other messages that violate the License Agreement.
(Punishment for paragraph 4.7-4.16: warning or perpetual removal from the channel)
4.17. Each subsequent violation of any of the rules increases the punishment in half.
4.18. If several rules are violated at once, the punishment for the greatest is imposed.

5. Additional Information

5.1. The rules can be supplemented by the Administration at any time; users will be notified about this.
5.2. Controversial issues that are not specified in these rules remain at the discretion of the Administration of the channel.
5.3. In some sections of the Channel, additional rules may be applied.

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